Location Shoot with Steve Wall

Its always amazing to get to work with my favourite creative teams over and over. 

Steve Wall is an incredible photographer, he has worked with all of Sydney's best burlesque and performing artists and im blessed to have him to collaborate with.

This adventure was a month or two ago, Steve and I share a mutual love (as many millions do too) of the work of Helmut Newton and we have always wanted to do a shoot inspired by his work . So after years of never having the guts to go out in broad day light to take pictures amonst the Sydney hustle and bustle in my underwear, we finally picked a date and took a risk, i may have had a drink or two to calm the nerves... but it paid off.

I must say.. there is something quite empowering about walking my this city wearing nothing but agent provocature lingerie and 6 inch stilettos.... 

Thank you Steve Wall.. and thank you sydney (especially the security guards) they were extremely accomodating... i wonder why.

And to the public who may have caught a glimpse of my personals ... your welcome!


























 hope you enjoyed viewing as we did creating! be sure to like us both steve wall and kelly ann doll on face book to see more upcoming collaborations!

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