Kelly Ann Doll is made for Cabaret!
Incorporated flawlessly are two burlesque dancers and the band leader’s comedic brother Don who owns the joint. There are some stellar performances in the piece. The dancers Kelly Ann Doll and Danica Lee are both scintillating and drop dead gorgeous.  See the full article here
"Kelly Ann Doll absolutely dazzled in a sped-up Michael Jackson dance routine to Etta James’ version of James Brown’s “This is a Man’s World.” In hat and gloves, her moves were deft and electric—she appeared in the house as if teleported, and worked close magic and made an audience member push down her pants. She shoved his head as she left him, like he was nothing. Such exuberant confidence. A performance both demanding and deserving, making the case: “This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be nothing, without a woman or a girl.”
  "I've been watching KellyDoll perform for over 10 years. She is the most outrageously talented and creative dancer & choreographer I have ever known. She does it like no-one else, mixing multiple styles (that some people spend a lifetime trying to perfect) all in one routine. She's the real deal and I've always believed in this little lady. She has also taught me to dance over the years and has been a massive inspiration to me! I had her perform as part of my Bangity Bang Tour in 2012 and the audience were always completely besotted with her! She's…
"The flame haired force of nature known as Kelly Ann Doll had me in the palm of her hand as soon as she took the stage, one of the most passionate performers I've ever seen, her performance to Man's World made me melt!"
"Kelly Ann Doll is both a joy to work with, and a talented, energetic, and crowd-pleasing performer. We were so happy to have her in our show, and I hope she visits us again soon." --Jim Sweeney Hubba Hubba Revue San Francisco, CA
“We are grateful to have Kelly’s performances in my city (Jakarta-Indonesia). They are very talented and also good entertainer, our team and our clients (The Global Party at Fable and Martell Cognac) are very pleased to have her and her partner in our events. For us this is the first time to seen that kind of performances in our event. It's recomended to have her performances and also work with Kelly. Hope someday we still can collaborate again in our next event and project.” Steven Gan - The BIG Organizer (Jakarta - Indonesia).
  "An absolute dynamite on stage, and a true professional, and sweetheart, off the stage. We love Kelly Ann Doll, and can't wait to work with her again." ~ Nat Harris Entertainment (http://www.natharrisentertainment.com).
"Miss Kelly Ann Doll is a tiny package of power, a dynamic performer, when she's on stage the audience is wide-eyed and mouth open, she is professional and focused on the success of the show she's working on. She supports other performers and uses her initiative to help out when needed."
Writtien by Jane Canaway   A decade or so ago, burlesque had fallen from fashion.Who knows what kick-started the current trend – Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge or Dita von Teese or just that whole retro revival thing – but there are now at least six burlesque bars in Melbourne alone, as well as 'bump and grindercise' classes, specialist shops for clothes and accessories (the nipple covers are called pasties if you're hunting for some – tassels are optional) and there is an explosion of practitioners taking up the art.Feeding off this renewed interest, Australia is now celebrating its fourth annual Burlesque Festival,…
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