The second half kicked off with Kalani Kokonuts looking very glamarous in her western style outfit. This was followed up with pocket rocket Kelly Ann Dolls fantastically sexy tango routine where she was torn between two men. Her moves were so fab that they left the audience gasping (especially when one of her dance partners almost dropped her!) Next was Michelle Amour's stunningly beautiful fan dance that left the audience silently looking on in awe and reduced the gentleman sitting next to me to tears.
I think firstly we and all other burly lovers should give huge props to Danica Lee; what a treat to have four of the biggest names in burlesque under the one roof! We don't get a chance to see such huge international acts all in the one place very often. And lets face it this line up (Perle Noire, Kalani Kokonuts, Michelle L'Amour and IMMODESTY BLAIZE) was any burlesque performers wet dream. It was also great to see some Aussie burly girls perform; Kelly Ann Doll is always amazing and WOW she really knocked everyone's socks off that night. I…
When you think of excitement and over the top energy in a performance, this Victorian Kitten pops the charts and surely delivers just that. Coined as "Australia’s Pinup Pocket Rocket!"… She’s a real delight for the masses! Miss Kelly Ann Doll is beautiful, talented, teazingly sexy, possesses a dynamite smile and truly knows how to work it! Her burlesque performances are outstanding.  http://pinuptalk.com/2010/11/miss-kelly-ann-doll-burlesque-showreel/
Like an explosion, Melbourne’s Kelly Ann Doll seized the stage. Tiny swing dancer Kelly-Ann has been working the circuit for some years now and it’s great to see her on this level. Her Roxanne routine is high drama and she fills every moment. This is the tale of two men fighting over a sexy minx and she flings herself around and over them at a speed that is thrilling. The Audience gasped when her partner nearly dropped her adding to the tension of this act. This is the standard I was longing to see from the Australian girls tonight. I…
Burlesque dancing has been around for a long time, and is still going strong in Melbourne. One of the most popular dancers in Melbourne is my good friend Kelly Ann Doll, the pocket rocket who combines humour with very sensual dancing. Kelly recently performed at the Burlesque Festival in Melbourne, and is currently doing lessons to help other performers become the best they can be. I caught up with her just before the Festival to chat about that, as well as what burlesque dancing means to her.  
The days of the big band are far from over and the Nabiac Hall will be jumping on its stumps later this month, with the launch of the latest tour by the Big Ol’ Bus Band. Well-travelled band leader Hughie Murray is on a mission to bring live music and entertainment back to community halls, with a mighty ten-piece swing band and Australia’s hottest swing / burlesque dancer Kelly Ann Doll. The Nabiac performance will be a tribute to Hughie’s late grandfather Hugh Scott Murray ll, who played fiddle at local hall dances in the area many years ago.
I’ve been designing costumes for Kelly for about 5 years, she’s amazing to work with, and although I feel I’ve failed her occasionally, she loves me still. Kelly is so tiny that sometimes my overtly theatrical style swamps her and I’ve learnt to pull it back, allot! I think her current pieces represent some of the best work I’ve ever done, and she makes them look amazing!
Kelly Ann Doll is one of Melbourne’s (and indeed Australia’s!) most-loved Burlesque performers. Known as the ‘pint-sized pocket rocket’, Kelly Ann Doll infuses swing, latin, blues & circus into her acts to create her unique energetic style. With a performance history dating over 15 years, the champion swing dancer and current ‘Miss Burlesque Victoria’ has built an impressive list of credits, including The Gangsters Ball, Australian Burlesque Festival and *that* performance of ‘Roxanne’ which earnt a standing ovation at Burlesque Royale.
Kelly Ann Doll’s interpretation of a Josephine Baker performance was energetic to say the least as the pint-sized performer whipped the audience into a frenzy!
We chat to Kelly Ann in the lead-up to her last Melbourne show (for now, anyway) performing as Miss Kelly Ann Doll. She shares a glimpse into her passion, dedication and discipline as a self-managing artist and as a performer, in whom she is both her own best friend and worst enemy. CORKER: Who is Kelly Ann and who is Kelly Ann Doll?  Kelly: I think Kelly Ann’s the dreamer and Kelly Ann Doll’s the doer. Kelly Ann Doll is the part of my personality that I keep under wraps when I’m out in public. But once I’m on stage…
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