“This variety show had a stellar all-star cast but a special mention must go to Miss Kelly Ann Doll whose characterisation is second to none. Her burlesque act is the perfect combination of sexy and funny, her costume is resplendent, both tasselled and sparkly. The polished timing of lighting, music and sound effects only adds to her natural shine on stage.”
Fringe Feed – Joy Norton

“final performance from Kelly Ann Doll, we got the more we asked for. Starting as a sensual slow burn, this minx took us on a wild ride… from innocent burlesque babe, to sexual seductress… then to drunken diva? There wasn’t a safe bottle in sight, and after libations from the audiences, Kelly Ann Doll had tongues lolling and clothes flying – literally! Her costumes, decadent and opulent in design, went flying from front to back of the Ellington as she disrobed, tormented, shimmied and sashayed to the close of the show. A fabulous high to end on, and leaving more than one person opening their phones to follow her socials.”
Out in Perth – Leigh Hill

“flame-haired, fancy-foot-moving Kelly Ann Doll who put on a wonderful display of comedic burlesque that had the crowd clamouring for her disregarded undergarments”
See Do Eat – Adelaide Fringe

“Flirty, fierce and fancy as hell”
City Mag Adelaide

“Perennial firecracker Miss Kelly Ann Doll. To the languid refrains of rnb, her signature slow tease and super quick disrobing was a blast to watch. A sequinned clothing piece almost flew out the window, saved by only the quick reflexes of a front row patron.  Amazing core strength and a cosmic stage presence.”

“Kelly Ann Doll started the show with her own brand of hilarious burlesque. I love how she doesn’t take herself too seriously with her performances and always makes sure the crowd is included. In this instance, an audience member received a lap dance from the delightful Miss Doll and seemed to revel in the moment”
Shane Berketa | seedoeatreview.com

“With the final performance from Kelly Ann Doll, we got the more we asked for. Starting as a sensual slow burn, this minx took us on a wild ride… from innocent burlesque babe, to sexual seductress… then to drunken diva? There wasn’t a safe bottle in sight, and after libations from the audiences, Kelly Ann Doll had tongues lolling and clothes flying – literally! Her costumes, decadent and opulent in design, went flying from front to back of the Ellington as she disrobed, tormented, shimmied and sashayed to the close of the show. A fabulous high to end on, and leaving more than one person opening their phones to follow her socials.”
| Out in Perth Perth Fringe Festival

“The other highlight was Kelly Ann Doll dancing with Bobbie Sox combining burlesque with some amazing swing dance moves which left the everyone awed”
 Tahlia Merigan | Have a Go News – Candy Box Perth Fringe Festival

“A firecracker of a performance! As if she had a sun’s worth of energy powering her, she effortlessly threw herself about in super – fast swing moves, zipping from one end of the stage to another. Amazing.”

“Kelly Ann Doll’s charisma captivates the entire theatre”
Glam Adelaide – Swingin Burlesque Adelaide Fringe

“closing the show with a tantalizing performance by actress, model, choreographer and dancer the gorgeous Miss Kelly Ann Doll once again proving that dynamite does indeed come in small packages… fantastique!”
Perth Daily – The Birdcage Perth Fringe Festival

But last, I want to talk about Kelly Ann Doll. She is one of Australia’s best burlesque performers, hands down, so I’m not going to tread over old ground. But until this tour, she had never sung in front of a band before. She was a Dionysian Maenad on stage, her voice and body synchronised in frenzy & ecstasy – instinct & emotion ritualised, beautiful & terrifying. This is where burlesque is going. Pay attention.
absinthe.com.au – Michael Wheatley’s No Rest for the Wicked

“Joining Amanda Palmer on stage was a surprise special guest Kelly Ann Doll, a burlesque dancer and part of the Midnight Marauders show at the fringe, takes to the spotlight to discuss the anguish and difficulties she experienced as a younger woman. Everyone is hushed as she discusses a previous life of stripping and bad relationships. She finishes her short appearance with a risqué burlesque performance which whips the crowd into a whooping frenzy”
theskinny.co.uk – Amanda Palmer live at Queens Hall Edinburgh

“Kelly Ann Doll was described by the MC as a pocket rocket and indeed she was one. Diminutive and superbly costumed in feathers she performed a high voltage routine with consummate skill”
Australian Stage Online – After Hours Cabaret 

“Kelly Ann Doll’s sultry burlesque striptease to It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World; is as beautiful and captivating as her long flowing red locks”
Janine Spearpoint The Clothesline Adelaide – After Hours Cabaret 

Kelly Ann Doll’s mixture of a latin dance, burlesque and acrobatics won the crowd over straight away. She showed she was definitely a threat and her talents were not be questioned
Online Press Rachael Watkin – Miss Burlesque NSW

“The flame haired force of nature known as Kelly Ann Doll had me in the palm of her hand
as soon as she took the stage, one of the most passionate performers I’ve ever seen”
Cookie Wolfe Audience Review – Hubba Hubba Revue San Francisco

“Such exuberant confidence. A performance both demanding and deserving”
Burlesque Beat – New York Burlesque Festival

“Captivating flame-haired burlesque dynamo!”
Adelaide Now – Midnight Maruaders

“An absolute dynamite on stage, and a true professional, and sweetheart, off the stage. We love Kelly Ann
Doll, and can’t wait to work with her again.”
Nat Harris Entertainment (http://www.natharrisentertainment.com)

“Custom made for cabaret, the vibe set up burlesque dancers Kelly Ann Doll and Betty Bombshell perfectly. Wach of their appearances rocked the stage (and the front row tables) with a flesh-tinted fury only the finest and most confident of performers can deliver.”
Review by Brandon Taylor – Michael Wheatley No Rest for the Wicked

“Kelly Ann Doll is both a joy to work with, and a talented, energetic, and crowd pleasing performer. We were so happy to have her in our show
Jim Sweeney , Hubba Hubba review San Francisco

“We are grateful to have Kelly’s performances in my city (Jakarta-Indonesia). They are very talented and also good entertainer, our team and our clients (The Global Party at Fable and Martell Cognac) are very pleased to have her and her partner in our events. For us this is the first time to seen that kind of performances in our event. It’s recommended to have her performances and also work with Kelly. Hope someday we still can collaborate again in our next event and project.”
Steven Gan – The BIG Organizer (Jakarta – Indonesia)

Kelly Ann is an inspired and inspiring artist. Her creativity, passion and vigour are infectious. Kelly Ann inspires wild creativity and influences the people she works with to work to the highest level. I’ve been lucky enough to see Kelly Ann perform a number of acts. Basically she is nothing short of incredible. I can’t overstate what a dynamic and charismatic performer she is, not to mention her distinctive style, skill and talent as a performer, dancer and burlesque artist. She engages the crowd, blows them away and her spirit is
infectious. Her charisma as a dancer and artist stems from her natural personality.
Keeradeenan – Bespoke Costume Designer http://keeradenaan.com/

“Loved the dancing, the music and the engagement with the audience. Loved every part of your performance!”
Volkswagen Australia

She is the most outrageously talented and creative dancer & choreographer I have ever known. She does it like no-one else,  She’s the real deal I had her perform as part of my Bangity Bang Tour in 2012 and the audience were always completely besotted with her! She’s Australia’s original & unmatched pocket rocket.”
Lanie Lane , Australian Singer Songwriter

“Kelly Ann doll words can’t describe the level of enthusiasm and talent she has in person and on stage! Kelly is the one born with it. I was very impressed with the level of talent she has running through her veins. She is a pleasure to book, a pleasure to speak to and a pleasure to watch perform. I would recommend her for any occasion, sheer star quality. I have had various calls since the party, people asking who the wonderful dancer was. Plenty more gigs to come her way I could say very confidently”
Nicole Wilson PR and Events www.aredletterday.com.au

Kelly Ann Doll’s very presence glittered with infectious energy and personable affection when she visited the Kylie J Pole studio for a two hour workshop. Kelly is an absolute diamond mine of invaluable advice.
Kylie J Pole & Dance Studio kyliejpolestudio.com.au

 “It is an thrill to work with Miss Kelly Ann Doll. She injects a a massive dose of energy and fun into any event she is a part of. It was an absolute pleasure to have her as the guest star for our sold out show “Hello Sweetheart”. Kelly Ann Doll is an asset the Australian Burlesque and performance community. I could not recommend her more highly.”
Clara Cupcakes – Australian Cabaret Star

“Kelly Ann Doll lights up the stage with her unique and explosive mix of Swing fuelled fury and Seductive Burlesque Beauty, adding a touch of ‘panache’ and a wallop of ‘wow’ to every show”.
The Velvet Set Big Band – www.thevelvetset.com

“Incorporated flawlessly are two burlesque dancers and the band leader’s comedic brother Don who owns the joint. There are some stellar performances in the piece. The dancers Kelly Ann Doll and Danica Lee are both scintillating and drop dead gorgeous.
Suzy Wrong from Suzy Goes Sees – Little Egypts Speakeasy

“Kelly Ann Doll is one of the most fascinating, energetic, creative and lust-worthy performers I have ever seen. The second she hits the stage all eyes are on the dramatic whirlwind she creates. A delight to watch and a revelation to learn from. One of Australia’s most fabulous entertainers. We LOVE her! ”
Lena Marlene – promoter review       

“La Toosh has hosted some amazing performers in the past and Kelly Ann Doll raised the bar considerably drawing our biggest crowds ever (450-500) at any festival. Her professionalism and obvious stage craft reflected in the entire act, the blinding flash of cameras as evidence that something special was unfolding and people just wanted to capture the moment.
Peter Cassey – Owner of La Toosh Cabaret 

Kelly Ann Doll is a firecracker ball of energy that exhilarates, entices and entertains. Audiences love her, other performers want to be her, and her name on the bill ensures a success. There are many entertainers in Australia, but there is only one Kelly Ann Doll.
Madame Natalia (Bohemia Cabaret Club, The Burlesque Underground) 

“I have known with Kelly in a professional manner since 2008 and have found her to be an amazing person to have involved in all my projects. Filming my full length musical “Swing It”, she worked tirelessly both in front of the camera and behind it, her performance continues to be the stand out of the film. I have also had the pleasure of including Kelly in the line up for my Swing festival in Darwin, Australia. Again, she performed well above expectations and generated lots of positive feedback from the festival attendees. Kelly, personally is one of those people that, in three years, I have not found a single person who does not think she is amazing, in anything she does she brings professionalism, energy, a positive attitude, an insistence on perfection and a tireless patience……I will continue to make every effort to include Kelly in my projects, surrounding yourself with good people is the way great things get done”
Quito Washington – Darwin Swingtastic

“Like a rocket on two little pins and a tight little toosh, Miss Kelly Ann Doll left the French steaming with jealousy as she whizzed around the La Toosh stage at Peats Ridge Festival. More than just charm and sass, Kelly Ann Doll turns Burlesque into a sport. Not for the faint-hearted”
Lili So – Music Promoter

 “Like an explosion, Kelly Ann Doll seized the stage. Tiny swing dancer Kelly-Ann has been working the circuit for some years now and it’s great to see her on this level. Her Roxanne routine is high drama and she fills every moment. This is the tale of two men fighting over a sexy minx and she flings herself around and over them at a speed that is thrilling. This is the standard I was longing to see from the Australian girls tonight. I love, love, love her insane level of skill and her intense delivery. She brought the house down!”
Imogen Kelly Australia’s Queen of Burlesque – Burlesque Royale at State Theatre

“Miss Kelly Ann Doll is beautiful, talented, teasingly sexy, possesses a dynamite smile and truly knows how to work it! Her burlesque performances are outstanding”

 “As always, Kelly Ann Doll had the crowd eating out of her hand! Kelly is one of those acts that never fails to impress, she is an exceptional dancer and flawless entertainer and I have loved every single show I have ever see her do… A total star!”
Rosy Rabbit – Promoter Review