“Custom made for cabaret, the vibe set up burlesque dancers Kelly Ann Doll and Betty Bombshell perfectly.
each of their appearances rocked the stage (and the front row tables) with a flesh-tinted fury only the finest
and most confident of performers can deliver.”
Review by Brandon Taylor
“Captivating flame-haired burlesque dynamo!”
Adelaide Now
“We are grateful to have Kelly’s performances in my city (Jakarta-Indonesia). They are very talented and also
good entertainer, our team and our clients (The Global Party at Fable and Martell Cognac) are very pleased to
have her and her partner in our events. For us this is the first time to seen that kind of performances in our
event. It’s recommended to have her performances and also work with Kelly. Hope someday we still can
collaborate again in our next event and project.”
Steven Gan – The BIG Organizer (Jakarta – Indonesia).
“An absolute dynamite on stage, and a true professional, and sweetheart, off the stage. We love Kelly Ann
Doll, and can’t wait to work with her again.”
Nat Harris Entertainment (http://www.natharrisentertainment.com).
“I approached Kelly Ann in 2011 and was thrilled to have the opportunity to design and create her costumes for
an event in Singapore. Kelly Ann’s reputation preceded her as she’s an absolute super star of the Sydney /
Melbourne Burlesque circuit.
I’d seen her performing a swing routine in Melbourne a couple of years prior and her crazy high energy
performance was so engaging that I had never forgotten it.
Over the last couple of years Kelly Ann has brought to life costumes that I have designed for various acts. In this
time I’ve gotten to know her quite well and consider her both a favourite client, and a friend. I couldn’t imagine
a better model, dancer, and performer to collaborate with and showcase my designs. To work with, Kelly Ann is
the most charming, professional and fun client.
Her concepts for shows are exciting; her natural creative streak is a fabulous bolt of raw energy, her
professionalism and high-level skill as a dancer is unparalleled. Kelly Ann is an inspired and inspiring artist. Her
creativity, passion and vigour are infectious. She offers ideas and is encouraging of new concepts. Kelly Ann
inspires wild creativity and influences the people she works with to work to the highest level.
I’ve been lucky enough to see Kelly Ann perform a number of acts. Basically she is nothing short of incredible. I
can’t overstate what a dynamic and charismatic performer she is, not to mention her distinctive style, skill and
talent as a performer, dancer and burlesque artist. She engages the crowd, blows them away and her spirit is
infectious. Her charisma as a dancer and artist stems from her natural personality.
She will absolutely delight and inspire you, add so much dazzle, sex and wow factor to any event or show. I
couldn’t recommend strongly enough that if you get the opportunity to work with Kelly Ann: Grab it with both
hands, hold on for dear life and enjoy the ride!!”

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